Individual Scholarships

The scholarship program provides education opportunities for young people in west Thailand, predominantly stateless and displaced persons from neighbouring Myanmar/Burma. We are working with Kidlaunch and the communities to process and sponsor individuals in need, so they may be provided access to schooling all the way through higher education with the aim to obtain legitimate employment in Thailand.

These youth are at high risk of trafficking into various forms of slave labor, particularly child prostitution. Provided access to education, rent and living expenses, these children are given the opportunity to seek continued schooling or vocational training, as well as the essential, practical skills required to find employment in their local economy and student ID enabling wider travel rights within Thailand.

Echo International Aid is currently providing ongoing support to a number of recipients in Sangkhlaburi province and plans to expand the program through fundraising and awareness.

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1 student school supplies
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2 weeks food
1 month house and living

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