Show your ongoing support for people in need

We need your help and the best way is by committing to a small, monthly, tax-deductible donation.

Education Scholarships

Providing education opportunities for at risk and vulnerable people.

Citizenship Support

Providing assistance for obtaining citizenship

Building and Development

Infrastructure projects for remote villages

Community Support

Sustainable projects and community out-reach

Refugee Support

Helping relocated refugees in Australia

Echo is run by volunteers so that 100% of money raised can be given to the people we support.

How does your money help?

Your contribution, no matter how small, could be used to help provide essential support to people in need.

School Supplies

$ 10

One Student

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University Fees

$ 25

One Week

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FoodMost Popular

$ 50

Two Weeks

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House & Living

$ 100

One Month

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$ 500

One Student

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose where my money goes?

Yes indeed. Just use the contact form to get in touch with us, and tell us the project you are keen to support. We’ll make sure your donation gets there.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. Echo International Aid is an registered Australian charity. You’ll get a receipt for your donation by email. ECHO INTERNATIONAL AID LTD. is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) from 21 Dec 2015. It is covered by Item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 .

Are these the only payment plans?

Not at all. We accept all kinds of financial support, large or small. If you are interested in helping us then get in touch today. We are always looking for new and interesting ways to support others.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. If your situation has changed and you can no longer pay your monthly commitment, simply contact us and we will terminate your direct debit.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. We use Stripe for all our transactions who are highly secure. Stripe use industry-leading technology (such as SSL) to keep your information safe.

What else can I do?

Join our email list and come along to one of our fundraising events. Better still, host one of your own! Make our story your own and tell the world on social media. The more people who know, the better.

If you support us, please take a second to share it with the world.