Life-Saving Emergency Medical Aid – We Need Your Help

By March 5, 2019 December 1st, 2020 Blog

Have you ever wondered about the process that displaced people follow to access medical care? Well, in a stable country, medical care is a basic need available to everyone. It’s every citizen’s right to access quality medical care. Things are, however, a little complicated when it comes to nationless refugees and displaced people. Burma has been in a sporadic civil war for over 60 years now. It’s been termed as the longest-running civil war in the world. This conflict has resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people from Burma into Thailand. About 150,000 of these refugees live in camps along the Thai/Burma border region.

The emergency medical aid challenge


One of the biggest problems that we face while assisting refugees is getting them basic health care. Displaced people have neither nationality nor citizenship, making it close to impossible for them to get adequate access to health care services. They can’t get the same medical care as the nationals meaning that they have to pay cash for every visit to the ER. Seeing as they’re refugees, most of them have no money. They have to either borrow money for treatment or sell off any valuable items they own just to get treatment. In short, for them, it’s no money, no treatment.

We seek to change the narrative here with our emergency medical aid. With your help, the sickly displaced people of the Thai/Burma border region won’t have to forgo treatment due to lack of funds. Instead, we’ll clear their hospital bills using your donations to our emergency medical aid so that they can enjoy a healthy life without impoverishing themselves any further.

Previous emergency medical aid successes


We have previously been successful in raising emergency medical aid for individual cases. Among the beneficiaries of our previous medical aids are Far Sai and Chun Jai and their parents. Far Sai and Chun Jai are adorable twins born in 2017.  The twins’ parents lived in the Burma side of the Thai/Burma border where they couldn’t access health care due to lack of funds.

Typically, the mother would have delivered at home, but with twins, she needed surgery to deliver them safely. Thanks to all your donations, we were able to take the mother to the operating theatre where she delivered the healthy twins safely. Your contributions saved the babies’ lives, and with an emergency medical aid, we can do even more. We can save more lives and bring more smiles to a community that has already lost too much.

Could you help us save lives?


Over the months, cases of people in need of Emergency medical aid have been rising steadily. With most people in the border region living below the poverty line, we are the only ones who can help them, in case of an illness. Your donation could be the one thing that saves a life in this region. You could be the one that enables an impoverished family to see their newborn baby alive and well. You could be the one that enables an old lady to live a little longer. With a donation of as little as $10 a month, you could help us save these people’s lives and preserve their community.


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