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By September 13, 2015 July 24th, 2016 Blog

Before one of the trips to our focus area on the Thai/Burma border I was approached by one of my work colleagues about facilitating a food drop which she would pay for.

As per my colleagues instruction we were to donate a 5kg bag of rice and a couple of tabs of paracetamol to 50 families or elderly people who were in need. My colleague is herself a refugee from Cambodia and has provided wonderful support and donations in the past.

The result of this one woman’s donation and advice can be seen below, as not only did her donation cover rice that would sustain these families for over 1 month but also cooking oil, fish sauce and paracetamol. The whole operation went so well the Echo team were able to take what they had learnt to execute further food drops in more remote villages.

If you would like to contribute to an Echo food drop or even better facilitate one yourself please contact us for more information.

Photo (above) – On route to Humulai for Echo’s first ever food drop. About $450 Australian gets you;

  • 50 x 5kg bags of rice
  • 50 x large bottle of fish sauce
  • 50 x large bottle of cooking oil
  • 1500 x paracetamol tablets


Echo team with supplies at first location Humulai temple.


Some of the beautiful Humulai villagers receiving their supplies.

Second food drop in Mateo village. This drop was much more remote making it and we were extremely fortunate to be able to get these supplies to this village. Videos attached show the conditions of the roads to the village making it impossible to get in and out of there when it is raining.

By Mike Wallace.

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