Echo International Aid: How it All Began

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It has been a while since we updated our blog, and for that, we apologise. A lot has been going on but we remain on track, and our mission to help remains the same. In an ABC radio interview earlier this year, Echo International founder, Jeremi Wallace spoke to Michelle White about the things that led him to start Echo International Aid.


It all began in 2014 when Echo International founder, then a mechanic, Jeremi Wallace was on the Burma/Thailand border. There he met Madavee whose descent was of the Karen people of the Eastern mountain region in Burma. Unknown to Jeremi at the time, the Karen people were undergoing a humanitarian crisis at the time. The crisis stemmed from a civil war that has lasted for close to seventy years.

Jeremi believed that the universe had a plan for him to be there. He decided to spend time with the Karen people in the jungle villages where he interacted and connected with them. Jeremi went on to spend six months with the Karen people. It was at that time that he witnessed the suffering that they were subjected to.

The conflict had displaced thousands of the Karen people with some of them fleeing into the jungles and others into the neighboring country. Witnessing all this suffering affected Jeremi so much that he decided to come back to Australia with the goal of starting a charity that could help the Burmese/Thai border communities.

Bold step

Yes, starting a charity might seem like a bold and somewhat extreme step to take. However, drastic times call for drastic measures. When Jeremi came back to Australia, he contacted a few of his close friends and organised a fundraiser. The success of the fundraiser paved way came the birth of Echo International Aid. Over the last five years since its founding, Echo International Aid has helped support the remote communities of the Thai/Burma border region by providing scholarships, emergency medical support, community support, and assisting displaced persons to obtain citizenships.

The community

It has not been easy for the people who get displaced every day by the civil conflict. Aiding these people within their communities while preserving their culture and keeping families together has helped make their situation a bit bearable. We intend to continue contributing to making sure that the ethnic minorities have a life where they have access to basic needs and where their rights are respected.

You can listen to the whole interview between Michelle White and Jeremi Wallace here.





Baby Star makes a full recovery!

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We have some wonderful news! Baby Star has made a full recovery! Her family are absolutely over the moon and immensely grateful.

Last year when we met baby Star and her family it was clear she needed urgent medical attention so we rushed her and her family straight to the closest hospital. She stayed in there for one month but has since returned home happy and healthy and the family are all back together. Read More

Thank you for your generosity – emergency medical aid appeal

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Our 2 week emergency medical aid appeal has come to an end, achieving the target needed to deliver critical medical aid for Kru (ครู – teacher) Somsak.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all that supported so generously, we could not have done this without you. We are forever grateful for your ongoing support and want you to know that it changes the lives of others in ways you can only imagine.

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Kathmandu School Latest Update

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EDUC-Nepal is a school in Kathmandu that provides a free education to underprivileged children from the Basundhara squatters’ area who would not otherwise have the opportunity to go to school. Each day the students of EDUC are given a hot lunch, clean drinking water, a uniform, school supplies and regularly health checks. There are currently around 70 students enrolled at EDUC, all crammed into four classrooms.

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Citizenship support update

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Our Citizenship Support Program is assisting displaced persons become permanent citizens.

We have an exciting announcement direct from the border of Thailand and Burma, one of our citizenship and scholarship support beneficiaries has just been granted Thai citizenship. It comes after 2 years of hard work from the beneficiary and their family, Madavee from Kidlaunch Thailand, Echo International Aid and most importantly your support and generosity. Without your support this would not have been possible.

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Please help with our Emergency Medical Aid Appeal

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Kru (ครู – teacher) Somsak is a 53 year old teacher from Sanglkaburi, Kanchanaburi on the Thai/Burma border who has fallen ill on a recent trip to a local village. He is of Karen ethnicity living in Thailand due to the ongoing conflicts in Burma/Myanmar. Doctors initially thought he had consumed unclean water which made him sick. He was taken to Sangklaburi hospital where they made the assessment that they could not care for him there with their facilities. He has now been sent to Kanchanburi  hospital (4 hours away) where he was put into ICU for further tests and high level care.
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