Citizenship Support

Greater opportunity and more rights for displaced and stateless persons.


Building and Development - Thai/Burma Border

Funding building and development projects in remote villages.


Education Scholarships

Education opportunities for at risk and vulnerable youth.


Community Support

Short-term relief and and long-term sustainable projects for border communities.


Sustainable Development

We create opportunity and self-sustainability for people through leadership, education, youth guidance and long-term, inclusive community development.

Human Rights

We strive to protect people in some of the world’s poorest regions from poverty, slavery, abuse and violations against human rights.

Community Driven

We are guided by the conviction that social progress comes from civic engagement; communities, families, and individuals driving themselves forward, fuelled by an idea or instinct to do good.

Direct Funding

We make sure every dollar donated is used to help the people who need it. We don’t spend your donations on our own administration or wages, as Echo is run by volunteers.


We're on a mission

We are dedicated to supporting communities in need around the globe. We strive to create opportunity and self-sustainability for disadvantaged people and protect them from human rights abuse.

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Education Scholarships

Providing education opportunities for at risk and vulnerable people.

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Building and Development

Building essential facilities in remote communities.

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Citizenship Support

Providing assistance for obtaining citizenship to create greater opportunity and more rights for displaced and stateless persons.

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Community Support

Providing basic community services and creating sustainable projects in border communities.

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Refugee Support

Helping relocated refugees integrate into their new communities.

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North West Thailand School

Construction of a new school in North West Thailand.

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One day I hope to see a world free from human rights abuses. A world in which every person can reach their full potential, and maintain a sustainable and harmonious existence.

Jeremi Wallace, Echo International Aid

We didn't want to raise money for a charity that would spend part of it on their own administration or wages. We now have a network to assess and deliver aid to the most at risk in the region.

Ryan Stevens, Echo International Aid

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